3 Ways To Get Motivated + Inspire Yourself

Motivation is simply an emotional state...
The emotional state of motivation is created  by directing your focus.
In this post, I am going to share with you 3 ways you can direct your focus with intention to help you get into the state of motivation so that you can start inspiring yourself.

1. Get Purposeful With Your Mind Food Intake.

To get motivated, you must first get inspired. So how can you get inspired? Consume mind food. Mind food is the content that nourishes your mind, and that supports the desired outcome/life that you want to create.
Think along the lines of resources, downloads, books, audio, video.
Being purposeful with the content I consume is something that has had and continues to be a big part of self-care and my own mental wellbeing.
As humans, hope and inspiration are a big part of living a fulfilling life, and this is something mind food helps to create.
It is for this reason why created the Vibe and Flow membership.
The Vibe and Flow membership is a content-based membership that hosts an array of mind-food-based resources; from videos, to masterclasses, downloads and tools.
I wanted to create a place where people could intentionally come to work on themselves, for themselves.

2. Start Your Scripting Practice.

Another powerful way to get motivated it through the power of scripting, scripting is a form of written visualisation.
It is where you write about your desires as if you have already received them.
I like to think of it as tuning into a future version of you and writing from a place of how that version of you thinks and acts.
Scripting allows you to choose your focus with purpose and intention.
With scripting, you get to intentionally think about your goals and desires as you intentionally make space to allow yourself to focus on them.
Our minds like to revert back to what it knows, as it believes what it knows is what is safe. But this false comfort is what keeps up from accomplishing our goals and moving forward with momentum.
So this simple act of scripting every day (or as often as you can) is a way of making space for your goals, dreams and desires. So when we remind our minds of our desires and focus in on what we want, we feel a surge of motivation rush back to us. For a 8 -10 minute practice, this feels like a pretty good time investment.
If you want more guidance on scripting, we have a scripting mini-course which provides you with a masterclass and tools (including a guided scripting session and a Scripting Ebook) to help you harness the power of scripting.


3. Designing a Mission Vision Plan

Creating a Mission Vision Plan is something I really recommend if you struggle to gain consistency and momentum with your motivation.
Creating a Mission Vision Plan helps you inspire yourself.
It offers hope and clarity.
A Mission Vision Plan is essentially where you map out your next few steps to show up for your vision.
Ask yourself: 'What would this look like if it were easy?'.
I recommend that you write the steps as if they have already happened as it 'tricks' your mind into thinking it is already done, which lessens the resistance.
Your subconscious mind does not have a concept of time in the same way as we do consciously. 
Creating a Mission Vision Plan is going to be an upcoming Masterclass in the Vibe and Flow Membership as I really cannot express the value and importance of it.
It becomes a tool that you can lean on to plan your week as well as when you lack in clarity, vision, motivation or inspiration; you have a tailored tool to turn to.

In Summary

I hope these strategies have given you a starting point.
It is important to note that it is normal for motivation to ebb and flow, but the more you focus on the clarity of what you want and why you want it, the longer you will stay in the state of motivation.
And the tips I have shared with you today will help you continue to direct your focus, which really is a skill in itself!
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It really does help me know what you want to see more of as well as getting the word out to help others.