How To Communicate With Your Higher Self

I have recently spoken about your higher self and who they are, and the natural progression from that is to understand how to communicate with your higher self.

So in this post, I will discuss just that, so that you can get the process started.

First of all, let's look at all of the ways you can communicate with your higher self...

How To Communicate With Your Higher Self
  1. Ask questions.
  2. Tap into the intuitive message.
  3. Listen to feelings.
  4. Writing.
  5. Speaking out loud.

Now let's break these down further.

Ask questions.

What questions would you like to ask your higher self?

Remember, you have all of the answers and solutions within you, and your higher self is how you access them. So what would you like to ask?

Imagine you are meeting your higher self for a coffee, and remember, she has all the answers, so what would you ask her?

The quality of your questions, determine the quality of your results, so be sure to make them empowering questions.

Tap into the intuitive message.

As you develop the skill of communicating with your higher self, you will start to intuitively know the answers and solutions to your questions and problems without asking.

It will be a sense of 'knowing', and this is when the real magic happens as you are vibrationally aligned with your inner power and highest good.

Listen to your feelings.

Although similar to the 'intuitive knowing', your feelings are a different form of communication with your higher self.

This is where you use your feelings to navigate you next steps. How you feel is very important when it comes to manifesting your reality with purpose and intention.


Writing is a powerful way to communicate with your higher self, as it directs your focus and brings you to the present moment as the action of writing is very grounding.

They say that writing is a portal to the soul, a way of connecting your heart and head which is very fitting when it comes to connecting with your higher self.

Through writing, not only do you direct your focus but you slow things down, allowing yourself to really listen to what the messages the higher self has to deliver.

Remember, on a logical level this is about unlocking parts of your mind and on a spiritual level this is all about connecting to a higher power, both of which can give you the answers and direction you require to get to your next level manifested reality.

Speaking out loud.

Finally, the idea of speaking out loud.
Now, I know that this one can feel weird, but think of it as 'speaking things through' or 'unpacking ideas' with your higher self.

You literally speak through the ideas or challenges as if you were speaking them through with a friend or a coach.

Then let the ideas and answers come up to you as thoughts. They will bubble up as you naturally return to your truest self.

You can allow the answers to come as thoughts or you can literally speak back and answer your question as if you're replying to a friend.

Again, on a more logical side, you are directing your mind in an intentional way to unlock those ideas, answers and solutions already inside of you.

Next steps...

So there are just some of the ways you can communicate with your higher self.

In the next post I will be sharing techniques that you can use to deepen this communication.

But in terms of next steps, have a little think about the way in which you usually like to communicate with people (written word, speaking out loud etc) and then try communicating in that way with your higher self by asking her a question!