Journal Prompts To Reflect On During Your Launch 

When you are launching your offering, it will undoubtedly take a lot of energy from you. 
You are showing up 'louder and clearer' as my pal AB would say. And that naturally takes more energy from you.
When it comes to launching, we tend to forget about planing for our energy peaks and dips.
We may plan for our content strategy, but have you got a plan in place to look after your energy?
I always say: the place in which you take the energy is as important as the energy itself. 
If you are worn out and tired of your launch, that will naturally translate into the launch.
With this being said, I wanted to provide you with some simple journaling prompts that you can use throughout your launch to stay centred and maintain your energy!

What does my audience need to hear/feel today? 

If you have got your marketing nailed, you will know exactly what problem your offering is a solution for.
You will understand how you want to make people feel through your offering. So this prompt is about tapping into that. 
As you go through your launch, you will start to notice certain things resonating with your audience.
Perhaps a reel or a specific pain point that you can help with. Your awareness of what your audience needs will help you gain momentum within your launch! 

What am I grateful for?

Gratitude is a key one for any day but especially during a launch. 
When you are trying to hit a certain number of people for your launch, you can very instantly fall out of gratitude. 
I see it happen SO often. People want to hit a certain number of people for their launch, and I get that because they want to hit their impact goals and their financial goals, but then they lose sight of the people that have already signed up!
What makes the 50th person more important than the 3rd person that signed up? Nothing. So we need to tap into the gratitude for the people that are excited and are signing up. 
When you put any content out, you want to tap into that gratitude and imagine speaking directly to people who have signed up. 
Your energy shifts to serving instead of selling. When you come from a place of genuine love and gratitude that multiplies. 
So tap into gratitude each day. Do not fall into the 'I'll be happy when X amount of people sign up' trap; be happy now, come from that grateful energy! And side note, you can also express gratitude for other things in your life. This takes the launch of the pedestal. It puts everything in perspective!  

What do I need today?  

Arguably the most important prompt as you cannot truly tune into gratitude or serve others fully if you are running on zero energy. 
So this prompt is about consciously thinking about what you need today. How can you look after yourself? How can you raise your energy?
I can tell you from personal experience that when I look after my energy and focus on leading with joy and ease, things flow, sales and sign-ups increase as I am not coming from a place of anxious energy. 
Feeling good is the quickest way to get into alignment. So do something to feel good! Take a break, take a walk, take a bath, read a little, make a nice drink. Do something for you.
This prompt is so simple. It is so impactful. But it is the one I see people skip the most as they don't think it correlates with sales. But it does.
Your energy seeps into everything you do and create, including how you show up to sell. So I'm asking you right now: is your current energy level something you want to seep into your sales? If not, you need to look at raising it!

Next Steps. 

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