The First Step of Manifesting

The First Step of Manifesting 

The first step of manifesting is clarity.

Without clarity, the rest of the steps and the rest of the manifesting process is kind of irrelevant. You are not steering your ship, and so it is up to the whim of the sea… 

In this analogy, your ship is your life, and the sea is the external circumstances: the news, social media, other people. If you do not direct it with purpose, it will be led for you. 

So, in this post, I want to offer you some ways to move forward on your journey of gaining clarity. 

Map Out What You Want.

In our manifestation and mindset membership, we provide members with visualisation workbooks. 

In these workbooks, we work through a process and at the end members would have created their own tool that is a Clarity Blueprint for their desires. 

Why am I telling you this? Because you must take time to think about your life.
It is tempting to jump into manifesting with random things in your life, which can be fun but to be really happy you need to think about what that happiness looks like to you. As it looks different to everyone, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

That is why I provide the prompts and the process for members to create their own blueprint. 

You need to start thinking about your life consciously and even if you are not a member, start this process! Start getting things down. What do you want your life to look like? It may feel intimidating, but by starting and getting your initial thoughts down, you give yourself a starting point, and from there, you can gain momentum through the reflection process. 

Which I am about to introduce to you now...

The Reflection Process. 

The process is this:

Reflection > Awareness > Choice > Change > Result > Reflect.

It is a full circle.

When you reflect on your life area that you want to improve, you start to gain a level of awareness. An awareness of what is and is not working. With this awareness, you have a choice. The choice to change or the choice to do nothing. 

Let’s say that you reflect on how you plan your week, and it just isn’t working for you. You are struggling to get things done, you feel unorganised, and you lack focus and motivation. You then have the choice to change this. You can make small changes (we call these power-ups) that can start to change the result. 

Sticking with that same example, perhaps you experiment with productivity techniques to help you. Maybe you start to write your to-do list the night before, perhaps you experiment with working at different times of the day, and you try to work and plan your day in 30-minute blocks. 

From this change, you start to see the results changing. You reflect on this once again, and you can progress further by evaluating what is working and what is not. This process is the kind of clarity that allows you to gain momentum with manifesting your desires. 



The Vision Statement.

Again, this is something we strongly suggest members create. 
The vision statement is born through a process of reflection.

If you are a member, there is training and a workbook to help you gain clarity and create your vision statement. You can find this on the Hub under ‘Teachings’. 
Essentially, the idea is that you write out a vision for your life, and you write it in the present tense. You read this Vision Statement often (ideally daily or weekly), and as a result, you start to direct your subconscious mind to work on these things. 

As you have written this statement clearly and directionally, you have given your subconscious mind clarity. Your subconscious mind then uses this clarity to find ways to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 
I recommend tuning in to what you love to do, what kind of life you want to lead and start to mind map creative solutions that provide a life of doing what you love, living how you wish and creating impact.

Next Steps 

So, through thinking consciously about your life, through reflection and through creating a tool such as a vision statement that you can use daily, you start to not only gain clarity but evolve it! 

In terms of next steps, I recommend setting 30 minutes aside each month to create a date with yourself to ensure you are still bringing conscious thought to your life. 

If you are a member, I suggest doing the Vision Statement training, doing the Visualisation Workbooks and visualising using the Next Version of You guided visualisation. You can find all of this in the Hub.