Who is your higher self? Meet her now.

The highest self is associated with many different belief systems, and it really is down to you to discover and develop your own definition of your higher self.

But I hope that today, I can help shed some light on kickstarting this journey with you and your highest self.

Your higher self is the most formed and completed version of you.

It is the idea of a higher power, channelled through you and this higher power being a guidance system for you.

Whether you see your higher self as your brain operating at its fullest and highest capacity, or whether you see your higher self as Source, the Universe, or God channelled through you, it is not swayed by external sources and circumstances.

This basically means your higher self can navigate and guide you by the highest good.

To demonstrate this point, let's say you feel stuck, or angry or frustrated by your current circumstances or external sources.

The 'you' that is experiencing this frustration is very much 'in it'.' In contrast, your higher self is more of the observer of this experience, which means it can navigate you objectively rather than this place of fear, anger and frustration.
And as we know, the energy you are in creates more of that energy due to the law of attraction.

This means if you are feeling these low vibration feelings and then you act from a place of these feelings, you create more of the same.

In comparison, if you allow yourself to be guided by your higher self, it can navigate you from a place of abundance and opportunity, your results will be better.

Your higher self is your guidance system.

So your higher self is your guidance system, the version of you who can operate at its highest level to help you navigate your purpose, desires and goals.

When you tap into or communicate with your higher self, you are allowing yourself to operate from an expansive and limitless state, which creates much better results.

So, although all this higher self 'stuff' may be new to you, your higher self has always and will always be there if you choose to tap into its guidance.

In fact, your higher self has probably already started to try and guide you. I would argue that your higher self has lead you here, right now, to guide you to become further into alignment.

11 signs you are becoming more aligned with your higher self.

Here are some signs that you may be becoming more aligned with your higher self...

11 signs you are becoming more aligned with your higher self

  1. You may want to spend more time alone or in nature to reconnect.
  2. You may feel the urge to be more present.
  3. You feel more grateful for the things you do have in your life.
  4. You start seeing synchronicity in your life.
  5. You start becoming aware of the thoughts, emotions and feelings you are experiencing.
  6. You think before you act.
  7. You start becoming more intuitive.
  8. You feel 'guided' by the highest good.
  9. You become less reactive and more purposeful in your actions and intentions.
  10. You release the illusion of control and focus on your Creator energy.
  11. You start to direct your focus with intention.

Your next steps.

So, what now, what now? Where do you go from here?

There will be more posts on this, so keep an eye out on the Vibe and Flow site but as for now, try asking your higher self for some guidance.

Say to yourself: "Higher self, please provide me with some guidance on 'X' situation", and then just become aware and look out for any feelings, thoughts or opportunities that reflect that request.

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