The Money Mindset Map


Imagine a ‘scene’ from your life once you have received your desire, where are you, how do you feel? What is the impact of this desire manifesting? Who is with you, what is happening, what are you wearing? 

Explain in detail the feeling of this desire manifesting. Describe it, feel it, explore it within your writing. 

Now your desires money has manifested, what does your best average day look like? How does this desire impact your day? What sort of activities do you do? How do you attract money? How do you plan your day?

What qualities, skills, habits and mindset do you have now that you have the money that you desire? 

Now that you have the money you desired to manifest, what is next for you? What goals are you setting? What are you showing up for? What are you excited about?

Have you ever read a money mindset blog post, or book or even a course and you really enjoyed it, you may have even felt a shift, but then things just kinda went back to normal?