Money Manifestation Cards
Money Manifestation Cards
Money Manifestation Cards
Money Manifestation Cards

Money Manifestation Cards

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 👉🏻 Do you know when you have a thought about money that doesn’t serve you? 

And you KNOW it doesn’t serve you, but still, you cannot shift out of it? 

Or when you have been absorbing a lot of ‘bad money talk’ while being around external sources?

Or when you want to up-level in your life/business/ career, and you want to consistently direct your focus and mind to the goal?

Or when you need a little daily guidance?

Or an answer to a question/decision? 

Well, I created this tool for all of these things.

A compact card set containing 56 matte luxe but light and durable cards to help you direct your focus, listen to your intuition and be guided to cultivate a positive, healthy money mindset.

Regardless of the money goal. These cards will start helping you direct your mind to focus.


What ARE they?

  • 56 double-sided matte cards 
  • Complete with box and mini leaflet.
  • Easy to travel with, and take with you on the go.

Each card has:

  1. An affirmation to help you rewire and direct your subconscious mind.
  2. A piece of money manifestation guidance to help you gain clarity and direction.
  3. A prompt to journal on, meditate or think about. 


How To Use Them

There are a couple of ways that you can use the cards…

  1. You can pull a card daily for guidance. 
  2. You can ask a question, draw a card and allow your intuition to interpret how that guidance applies to your life and current situation. 

They are SO fun to use with friends and family as they get the conversation going about POSITIVE money mindset and manifestation.

Have them nearby to call on whenever you need guidance or a need to rewire a negative money thought. 

Allow them to be your money manifestation partner in your pocket. 

Start using this physical tool to change how you think, feel and act around money. 


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