Communicate With Your Higher Self

Communicating with your higher self can be done in so many ways, some of which we explored in our 'Communicating with your higher self' post.

In this post, we are going to explore techniques in which you can communicate with your higher self.

If you are wondering about who your higher self is, you can read all about it in the 'Who is your higher self?' post.

So, let's jump into some of the ways in which you can communicate with your higher self...


As many of us know, mediation is a great way to pause and clear our mind, making space for 'downloads' of guidance from our higher self.

When I talk about 'downloads' in terms of the higher self, I am talking about the little 'nuggets' of guidance from your higher self.

Meditation allows you to listen to your higher self by clearing out the 'noise' of life that otherwise blocks this guidance.


Visualisation can prime your mind for what it is you want. Visualisation is proven to rewire the network of neurons in your mind that is called the reticular activating system.

This system is like a filtering system and will filter out the things you notice and the perceptions you take throughout your day.

When you visualise your desired results, you can rewire your reticular activating system to highlight things that serve you and your goal. Then, you can tap into a higher level of perception.

You are therefore channelling your higher self as you are improving the perception you take on your life which is towards a higher level of thinking, aka your higher self.


Scripting is a form of written visualisation. It is where you write about your goals as if they have already manifested.

It if helps, think about it as if you are writing a journal entry as the version of you who has already manifested your goals, exploring how she would be thinking, feeling and acting.

Scripting can be a powerful way to communicate what it is you want with your higher self. Your focus is directed through scripting for a prolonged amount of time which helps direct your higher self towards what you need and want help with.

Your higher self can then highlight opportunities, ideas, thoughts and feelings that will help guide you towards the desires you have scripted about.


Ok, so this is one of my favourite and most frequently used techniques: higher self journaling.

There are a couple of ways in which you can do this. Let me give you an overview of them both now...
  1. You can literally just write out the question, challenge, or desire you have by explaining it in detail. You then write, "Higher self, I invite you to write through me", and then you write back the answers and guidance as if you were answering an agony aunt question.
On a logical level, this gives you space to objectively look at your challenges and desires.

On a more spiritual level, you are permitting your higher self to guide you.

2. The second way is to have more of a conversation with your higher self, written in the structure of something like a transcript.

For example, you would write 'CS:' and then write from your current self-perspective.

You would then answer yourself, by channelling your higher self, by writing 'hs:' for higher self, and you would write the response to what your current self is asking.

Now, I know how odd this may all sound, especially if you have never done any higher self work before. But, it will all come way more naturally to you as you practice with it.

Next Steps

So there you have it, a few different ways to play around with, and that really is your next step: to play with what technique works for you.

I like to use them all depending on my mood and my physical location.

Let me know how you get on with these techniques via Instagram.